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RICHKIDZclubfloor @ Juicy Beats 2011

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Team Randalism
Team Randalism
DJ Crew
Elektronische Musik
in 2006, dominik and veit started with their underground parties, called yeahyeahyeah-club, in their hometown.

it became a place without rules and laws. where art meets excess, puke meets glamour, rock'n'roll meets techno. soon the yeahyeahyeah-club parties became very famous in the vicinity, and the guys got requested by different clubs, to spin the wheels of steel in new locations.

last year, the two guys joined together as team randalism, to make even more parties besides yeahyeahyeah-club bringing back the thought of underground. and more important they are producing their very own tracks now. so be prepared, geeks!



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